Broken Tooth? We'll Fix It.

Talk to emergency dentist Dr. Tara Pappas Scallion in Little Rock, AR

If you're suffering from a broken tooth or severe tooth pain, Landmark Dental Center in Little Rock, Arkansas can help. A broken tooth requires immediate attention to avoid infection.

Other emergency dental issues include acute pain from an infected tooth or root canal. Don't wait another second to find relief. Dial 501-888-1197 to schedule an appointment today.

Your dental emergency is our top priority

You don't have much time to fix a broken tooth. That's why we offer same-day dental emergency appointments at our Little Rock, AR office. We'll see you as quickly as we can to treat your:

  • Chipped tooth-a chip in your tooth's enamel can lead to an infection and more serious problems if left untreated.
  • Fractured tooth-is that crack in your tooth giving you pain? Talk to Dr. Tara Pappas Scallion about getting some relief.
  • Knocked-out tooth-if you act fast, we may be able to put an avulsed tooth back in its socket.
Take care of your dental emergency as soon as possible. Stop the pain by calling Landmark Dental Center now.